This is the central site for a long-term project to research, examine, and respond to the radical collective of writers, theorists, architects, and visual artists who operated in Paris between 1829 and 1835 under the names of the Jeunes France & the Bouzingo, and through them to build a critical understanding of French Romanticist subculture through the historical lens of a continuing politically vigilant Anglophone avant-garde.


Like much of the site, this section is under gradual reconstruction, and research has progressed much faster than I have time to update and reflect here. I am in the process of re-directing the links, after Dropbox disabled most of their public links (a few seemed to have slipped through their net, strangely) and effectively shut down the whole page, as well a adding more recent translations.

Currently, this section includes only texts translated in relation to the 'Resurrection' project; as time allows, other public-domain translations will be added when they can be located, as well as links to the few other translations currently in print. Currently, the sidebars contain many links to both English and French sources.
Petrus Borel
Lycanthropy: Some Shreds Torn from 'Rhapsodies' (Free E-Book from Revenant Editions)

Preface to Rhapsodies, Trans. Joseph Carter, w/notes by by Olchar Lindsann (Preface/Manifesto, 1831)
Preface de Rhapsodies (original French text)

Fortune and Misfortune, Trans. Olchar Lindsann (Poem, 1831)
Heur et malheur (original French text)

Hymn to the Sun, Trans. Raymond E. André III (Poem, 1831)
Hymne au soleil (original French text)

The Medallion of Iseult, Trans. W.J. Robinson & Olchar Lindsann (Poem, 1831)
Le Médaillon d’Iseult (original French text)

The Old Breton Minstrel, Trans. W.J. Robinson & Olchar Lindsann (Poem, 1831)
Le Vieux ménétrier breton (original French text)

Odelet, Trans. W.J. Robinson & Olchar Lindsann (Poem, 1831)
Odelette (original French text)

Philothée O'Neddy (a.k.a. Théophile Dondey)
The Fairest Death & Fanaticism (Free E-Book from Revenant Editions)

The Enchanted Ring, Chapter 1. (Working draft – Apologies for formatting issues in footnotes)

Forward to Fire & Flame, Trans. Joseph Carter, w/notes by Olchar Lindsann (Preface/Manifesto, 1833) 
Avant-propos de Feu et flamme (original French text)

Pandemonium, Trans. Jonah Durning-Hammond (Poem, 1833) Annotated Version in the works.
Pandemonium (original French text) 

Incantation, Trans. Olchar E. Lindsann (Poem, c.1833)
Incantation (original French text)

Succubus, Trans. Olchar Lindsann (Poem, c.1833)
Succube (original French Text) 

Fanaticism, Trans. Olchar Lindsann (Poem, 1828)
Fanatisme (original French text)

Necropolis, Trans. Jonah Durning Hammond (Poem, 1833) Annotated Version in the works.
Necropolis (original French text)

Succubus, Translated Olchar E. Lindsann (Poem, 1833) 
Succubus (original French text)

Letter to Ernest Havet, June 6, 1836, Trans. Olchar Lindsann.

Aloysius Bertrand (a.k.a. Louis Bertrand)
The Dead Horse, Trans. John M. Bennett (Prose-poem, c. 1829-1836)

To M. Victor Hugo; The Alchemist; & The Salamander, Trans. Jonah Durning-Hammond, Annotated by O. Lindsann (Poems, c. 1829-1836)

Gérard de Nerval
Politics: 1832, Trans. Olchar E. Lindsann (Poem, 1832)
Politique: 1832 (original French text)

Gothic Song, Trans. Olchar E. Lindsann (Poem, c. 1830)
Chanson gothique (original French text)

Joseph Bouchardy
The Garrick Remedy, Trans. Talia Felix (Short Story, 1835–36. Free E-Book from Revenant Editions)

Alphonse Brot
Preface to Songs of Love & Diverse Poems, Trans. Joseph Carter (Preface/Manifesto, 1829) 
Preface des Chants d'amour, et poésies diverses (original French text)

The Minstrel
Trans. Olchar E. Lindsann (Poem, 1829)

Le Ménestrel (original French text)  

The Young Girl, Trans. Olchar E. Lindsann (Poem, Jan. 1829)
La Jeune fille (original French text)

Théophile Gautier
A Line From Wordsworth, Trans. Olchar E. Lindsann (Poem, 1831-32)
Un vers de Wordsworth (original French text) 

Review of Philippe Musard and the Infernal Galop at the Opéra Carnical Ball (Review, 1845)
Dec. 29, 1845 issue of La Presse with above article (bottom of back page)

Augustus Mac-Keat (a.k.a. Auguste Maquet)
Two texts on Revolutionaries and Libertines in the French Prisons, w/Alboize Pujol, Trans. Olchar Lindsann. (History, 1844)

Louis Boulanger
To My Friend Saint-Beuve, Trans. Olchar E. Lindsann (Poem, c. 1830)