This is the central site for a long-term project to research, examine, and respond to the radical collective of writers, theorists, architects, and visual artists who operated in Paris between 1829 and 1835 under the names of the Jeunes France & the Bouzingo, and through them to build a critical understanding of French Romanticist subculture through the historical lens of a continuing politically vigilant Anglophone avant-garde.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

1836 Annales Romantiques Anthology added to the Revenant Archive

Annales Romantiques: Recueil de morceaux choisis de litterature contemporaine. (Anthology of Choice Morsels of Contemporary Literature) Ed. Charles Malo. (1836) Sole Edition [re-bound]. Louis Janet Librarie, Paris. Hardbound 32mo, 315 pp.

This is the final volume in the series of Annales Romantiques anthologies; it collects work by 43 members of the French Romanticist community. Malo went on to edit other Romanticist anthologies as well as the journal Revue de Paris (see below for issues & collections in the archive).
Contrary to the assertions of much subsequent criticism, Frenetic Romanticism appears to have been alive and well, and dominates the collection.
A masterpiece of avant-garde Romanticist book design, the typography and text-decorations are pushed even farther than in the previous volumes.